The picture above is the village of Lupburg, our home away from home while in Bavaria. Our house is on the right, below the onion dome church . The people are friendly, helpful and best of all, love to keep things "in order."

Baltic Sea Cruise: All Aboard!

Day 1: Leaving Copenhagen aboard MSC Orchestra
Our last morning in Copenhagen was spent touring Rosenberg Palace, the favorite home and place of death for King Christian IV.  It is an intimate castle with every room used and designed for comfort.  It seems King Christian was a bit of a jokester--he had a chair built that made fart noises and wet the person's pants when they sat down and he had a room completely covered in mirrors (including the floor) in order to see up women's skirts.  I was most impressed by the King's throne which was made out of narwhal tusks (first thought to be unicorn horns)...it absolutely glimmers in the light.  The Palace is also home to the royal treasury so the kids enjoyed getting an up close view of tiaras, crowns and massive pearl and diamond necklaces.
Copenhagen loves their favorite King...his crest is found everywhere

On the palace grounds, Rosenberg Palace, Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid, a gift from the first owner of Carlsberg breweries to the city.  Located at Langelinje pier.  

Before Lauren experienced life as a mermaid in Copenhagen's waters

Following the Palace tour we drove over to visit the Little Mermaid. Lindsey conveniently cued up the Disney song on her laptop as we drove by.  The kids and I hopped out to get up close and true to Lauren's nature, she fell in the water to be super close with her kindred spirit.  Surprise to us...the Little Mermaid is actually quite little.
Our cruise ship was docked fairly close to the Mermaid so Tim dropped us off with our luggage and went to find the parking garage for the cruise terminal.  This turned out to be about a mile away; sounds close when you're driving there but then you have to walk that same distance back to the ship.  Tim made it in record time and we proceeded to check in to our cabins, find the rest of our party and hit the buffet.
The kids enjoyed a little fruit treat while they waved to cool cars driving by

The Grand Staircase...lest you be confused by the other staircases where one would meet.  

Doing our nails on deck...it's important to have good cruise nails

Lindsey's favorite traveling companion