The picture above is the village of Lupburg, our home away from home while in Bavaria. Our house is on the right, below the onion dome church . The people are friendly, helpful and best of all, love to keep things "in order."

Geneva--a Reformer's Paradise

Lauderee macaroons

Lindsey's fave: pistachio

Memories of Rome

View of city below and the Jette d'eau in Lake Geneva

Modern day Reformers getting inspiration

playing chess in Bastions Park

Lilly enjoys her very own pizza
Bryan and Stephanie took us on a tour of downtown Geneva.  Our first stop: Lauderee, the chic French confectionery with to-die-for macaroons.  The shop is conveniently located next to the Starbucks so we purchased a box of little treats and savored them with hot coffee.  The rest of the day we meandered through the streets of Old Town, stopping at St Pierre's Cathedral, Reformation Museum, John Calvin's house and Reformer's Wall in Bastions Park.  We finished the day with pizza at a street-side restaurant.