The picture above is the village of Lupburg, our home away from home while in Bavaria. Our house is on the right, below the onion dome church . The people are friendly, helpful and best of all, love to keep things "in order."

Our trip over the pond

Our kids with their cousins before the flight out of LAX.  It took 3 cars filled with people and luggage to see us off.
July 13, 2011 We spent 3 weeks in Southern California before making the big move to Germany.  The week following his graduation, our packers came to 103 Hunt Rd to pack us up into 3 classes of baggage:
1)hold baggage--these items would fly to Germany relatively quickly; arriving in country within 4 weeks. I included a cookbook, some dishes, baking items and linens.  We also tossed in every piece of clothing we own...just in case our Household goods don't arrive before the change of seasons
2)Household goods--these items would remain in Kansas City storage until a house was signed for and arrangements for the shipment by boat could be secured;
3)Long Term storage--those items we don't want for the next 3 years.  Items in this group will remain in storage facility in States until we request them.  The washing machine and dryer, and some large furniture pieces are included here

My mom helps Lauren with last minute packing on the driveway
We ended up with 10 pieces of luggage on our flight from California to Munich, as well as 1 dog and a medium size kennel.  Good thing we were allotted 2 bags per person for this trip!